Conditions of Work and Wages on Offshore Oil Rigs

Working Hours & Salaries

Canadian Oil Platform. The work schedule is 21 consecutive days of 12-hour shifts followed by 21 days off. This 21/21 rhythm is regulated by international law. Clothing for work is provided by the employer. In most cases flights and transportation for crew is also taken care of and food and accommodation are provided.The food is high standard and includes four warm meals a day. The language on offshore platforms is English.

The monthly net salary for an average worker in a drilling crew is $3000. According to various qualifying measures which are offered by many employers this can increase up to $3500. Qualified personnel such as mechanics, cooks and others can earn up to $4500. Engineers earn around $7000. The wages are paid In US-Dollars and transferred to your bank account.

The Offshore installations operate 24 hours a day, so depending on your job you may have to work night shifts. With some jobs you may have to do a combination of days and nights. Various systems are used depending on helicopter arrival times and company policies.

Important Conditions

Offshore Safety Training.As the job is physically demanding applicants should be in good physical condition and have no serious disabilities or impairments (wearing glasses is not considered a major handicap). All offshore workers have to undergo a health check and take part in safety training except personnel that have previously worked on ship or have already worked offshore. The safety training lasts 3-5 days and includes first aid and fire safety. The oil companies arrange the safety courses and health check internally and this is at no extra cost for the applicants. Offshore work is traditionally seen as a man’s job. Applications from women are rare but still considered.

The Roustabout position is the most common entry level job in the oil rig’s marine section. A Roustabout is typically an inexperienced worker who works as a trainee or helper for those in more senior positions. The monthly net salary for an average Roustabout is $3000

Living the Offshore Life

International Oil Rig Crew.The working language on offshore platforms is English, basic knowledge will be sufficient as people of many different nations work offshore. Qualified personnel such as engineers are of course required to have a better knowledge of the English language as they have more complicated tasks. Oil companies favor applications from skilled workers, but unskilled laborers are also welcome and have good chances. The crew will stay in cabins of a comfortable standard similar to a middle class hotel up to top class, including bathroom and TV. Service personnel take care of cleaning and laundry.

To compensate the hard physical work on offshore oi rigs there are sports facilities such as fitness rooms, pool billiard, table tennis and on larger facilities even a swimming pool. Some are fitted with a cinema, or shopping mall and some have a full-size tennis or badminton court. You will find necessities such as a medical station, emergency room, doctor and a postal office.

accommodation and leisure facilities