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    Helpers ($35,000) have the following tasks: removing rust, painting, scrubbing, transporting goods, equipment and loading supplies onboard.

    Maintenance Roustabout ($47,000): main duties include general upkeep and cleaning of deck area of rig and also painting.

    Roustabout ($54,500): main duties include guiding the crane as loads are moved about the deck, supplying equipment to the rig floor as requested and keeping pipe deck and main deck areas clean and tidy.

    Welders ($62,000): (two types) Rig welders are permanently based on one rig and carry out all day to day repairs and building of new metalwork. They are always busy. When there is a big project often a squad of welders is hired to finish the job quickly.

    Scaffolders ($57,500): not tied to any one rig. They go to different installations depending on where their company has work.

    Radio operator ($62,000): probably the easiest job in the world. Good money if you can stand it, but bring plenty of books. It is a vital job however.

    Medic ($69,000): they are not fully qualified doctors but have a high level of medical training. Some are former nurses. On some smaller rigs they double up as Rig Safety & Training Co-ordinators.

    Rig Safety & Training Co-ordinators ($80,000): some say, this is a well paid job for the amount of work involved but there is a lot of responsibility. This is a job for someone who is a good communicator and has good organizational and computer skills.

    Mud engineer ($72,500): in charge of the drilling fluids used. S/he is likely to have a degree in chemistry and will have a good knowledge of drilling procedures.

    Materials man/woman (Store man/woman) ($59,000): responsible for the maintenance of the stores and stock ordering and receiving. Must be computer literate.

    Painter ($57,500): reports to the Barge Engineer, Painters are responsible for the rig painting program. Like the Forth Road Bridge it is a never ending job.

    Steward/ess ($45,000): assist in the kitchen, clean the accommodation and do the laundry.

    Camp boss ($63,500): is in charge of the catering department.

Further professions:

Electricians, electronic engineers, electro mechanics, plumbers, cooks, catering crew, waiters, kitchen personnel and helpers, medical staff, laboratory assistants and technicians, warehouse and logistics personnel, cleaning crew, painters, mechanics, mechanical engineers, technical drawers, telecommunications technicians, locksmiths, metalworkers, welders and many more...






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