Accommodation and Leisure Facilities

There are over 1.5 million people worldwide working on almost 2800 oil platforms. Some of these rigs are so large that they resemble small towns. You work 12-hour shifts for 21 consecutive days followed by 21 days paid leave. Whilst some people are seeking adventure, most people work offshore to earn a lot of money in a short time. Working on an oil rig is one of the best paid but also toughest jobs in the world.

  • Arrival by Helicopter
  • Ready to work the Night Shift
  • Canadian Oil Platform
  • Roustabout at Work
  • Oil Rig off Kodiak Island, Alaska

Helper & Regular Laborer

Helpers and regular laborer have the following tasks: removing rust, painting, scrubbing, transporting equipment and loading supplies on-board. They are also required to prepare the drilling rigs by laying the drill rods in the right order and handling them for the drill crews as well as mixing chemicals for the drill fluids, removing rust, preparing pipe cleaning and maintaining material. A Roustabout position is a most common entry level job in the oil rig’s marine section. A Roustabout is a worker who works as a trainee or helper for those workers in more senior positions.

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Currently there are a lot of excellent opportunities available in the offshore oil industry. Many positions are available at entry level as well as for professionals. If you are seriously interested we can offer you our full assistance. Getting a job offshore is not like getting a job anywhere else. Our handbook is full of information to get you started looking for work today. It will show you the insider secrets to give you the best possible start to your quest for an oil rig job. Once you have returned from the interview and have signed a contract you will start work at the contracted point in time.

Cabins of a comfortable standard.

The crew will stay in cabins of a comfortable standard similar to a middle class hotel up to top class, including bathroom and TV. The oil rig service staff take daily care of laundry, cleaning and making up the cabins. To compensate the hard physical work there are leisure facilities such as fitness rooms, pool billiard, table tennis or on larger oil rig platforms even a swimming pool. In the past there may have only been a packet of cards and a couple of dog-eared novels for entertainment. Today some are fitted with a small cinema, or shopping mall and some have a tennis or badminton court. You will find necessities such as a medical station and a postal office.

Sports facility such as fitness gym.

The work schedule consists of 21 consecutive days of 12-hour shifts followed by 21 days off. The monthly net salary for an average employee in a drilling crew is $3000. Many employers offer further training which means the salary can increase up to $3500. The roustabout job is the most common entry level occupation. Most new hires in the drilling sections start out as roustabouts.

Arrival of a Helicopter at an Oil Rig.

Rig Jobs are physically demanding so applicants should be in good physical condition and have no disabilities or impairments (wearing glasses is not considered a major handicap). All offshore workers have to undergo a health check and take part in safety training (includes first aid and fire safety) except personnel that have previously worked on ship or have already worked offshore.

The safety training lasts 3-5 days and includes first aid and fire safety. The oil companies arrange the safety courses and health check internally and this is at no extra cost for the applicants.

If you are interested on working in a oil rig drilling crew you should not be over 50, but there are other supporting jobs such as mechanics, engineers or medical staff where there are fewer age restrictions. Working offshore is traditionally seen as a man’s job. Applications from women are rare but still considered.

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