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Are you looking for work and do you want to make good money by working on an oil rig? There are over 1.5 million people worldwide working on almost 2800 oil platforms. Some of these oil rigs are so large that they resemble small towns. You work 12-hour shifts for 21 consecutive days followed by 21 days paid leave. This 21/21 rhythm is regulated by international law. Whilst some people are seeking adventure, most people work offshore to earn a lot of money in a short time. Working on an offshore oil rig is one of the best paid jobs in the world!

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Work & Salaries

employers salaryThe usual work schedule consists of 21 days of 12-hour shifts followed by 21 days off. This 21/21 rhythm is regulated by international law. The monthly net salary for an average helper in a drilling crew is $3000. Many employers offer further training which means the salary can increase up to $3500. The Roustabout job is the most common entry level occupation. Most new hires in the Drilling and Marine Sections start out as Roustabouts. Clothing for work is provided by the employer. Flights and transportation is also taken care of. Food and lodging are provided. The food includes up to four warm meals a day.


cabins and facilities The crew will stay in cabins of a comfortable standard similar to a middle class hotel up to top class, including bathroom and TV. Service personnel take care of cleaning and laundry. To compensate hard physical work there are sports facilities such as fitness rooms, pool billiard, or on larger facilities even a swimming pool. Some are fitted with a cinema, or shopping mall and some have a tennis court. You will find necessities such as a medical station and a post office.

Jobs on Oil Rigs

arrival and policiesThe offshore installation operates 24 hours a day, so depending on your job you may have to work night shifts. With some rig jobs you may have to do a combination of days and nights. Various systems are used depending on helicopter arrival times and company policies. Often you will start your "trip" on day shifts and then switch to night shifts on final days before going home. For example if you do two weeks on - two weeks off you may do a week of days and a week of nights. Offshore platforms vary from facility to facility. Some people travel around the world to work. The safety training lasts 3 days and includes first aid and fire safety.

Oil Rig Worker (Roughneck).

Oil Rig Job & Offshore Work: The boom in offshore oil rig jobs will continue in the near future as worldwide energy prices are rising and the demand is high. Oil companies favor applications from skilled workers, but applications from unskilled laborers with practical experience are also welcome and have very good chances. The monthly net salary for an average helper on a drilling rig is $3000. According to various qualifying measures which are offered by many employers this can increase up to $3500. You will work in a rotating schedule of 21 days of twelve hour shifts followed by 21 days paid leave. The salary ranges from $3000 to $7000 per month. All food and accommodation and the costs of transportation to and from the offshore platforms are paid for.

Drilling crew at work.

Rig Jobs & The Oil Industry: The monthly net salary for an average helper in a drilling crew is $3000. Through various qualifying measures this can increase up to $3500. Qualified personal can earn up to $7000. There are several training programs available designed to prepare applicants without oil industry experience. The salary is paid in US-Dollars and transferred to your bank account.

Working on an offshore facility.

Oil Recruitment & Rig Work: As oil rig jobs are physically demanding applicants should be in good physical condition and have no serious disabilities or impairments (wearing glasses is not considered a major handicap). All offshore workers have to undergo a health check and take part in safety training except personnel that have previously worked on ship or have already worked offshore.

   Working on an Oil Rig  |  Most common Oil Rig Jobs and Offshore Vacancies:
Derrick operators at work.Offshore platform off norwegian coast.Norwegian Roustabout.Oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.Offshore installation manager at work.Offshore facility in the Atlantic Ocean.Irish offshore rig crew.
  • Roustabout, Painters, Cooks and Stewards, Welders, Derrickman, Driller, Mechanics

  • Roughneck, Electrician and Electronic Technician, Company Man / Woman, Locksmiths

  • Offshore Installation Manager, Welding Assistants, Electronic Engineer, Rig Medic

  • Waiters, Kitchen Personnel, Construction Helpers, Medical Staff, Rigger, Floorman

  • Laboratory Assistants and Technician, Motorman, Warehouse and Logistics Personnel

  • Mechanical Engineer, Technical Drawer, Telecommunications Technician, Storeperson

  • Assistant Cook, Metalworkers, Cleaning Staff, Galley Hand, Tower Assembly Workers

  • Tool Pushers, Plumbers, Crane Operators, Cleaning Helpers, Pumpman, Catering Crew

Offshore platforms vary from facility to facility. The working language on offshore platforms is English, basic knowledge will be sufficient as people of many different nations work offshore. The safety training lasts 3-5 days and includes first aid and fire safety. 

In the past there may have only been a packet of cards and a couple of dog-eared novels for entertainment. Today most rigs have excellent gym and sauna facilities. It is a great feeling to step off a rig with two or three week’s holiday.

If you are interested on working on an oil rig you should not be over 50, but there are other supporting jobs such as cooks, engineers or medical staff where there are fewer age restrictions. Applications from women are rare but still considered.